Gatorback B240 Professional Electricians Combo Left Handed

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This is the left handed set up of the B240. Official product pictures coming soon! The tape chain (shown in pictures) is on the other side to allow for the electrician tool pouch to be worn on the left side and keeping electrical tape accessible. 


  • Every stress point is reinforced with extremely strong bar-tack stitching and heavy duty metal rivets to ensure that the pockets won't ever tear out
  • High density nylon webbing is sewn around the outside of every pouch. The heavy duty nylon adds to the durability of the pouch and prevents fraying from constant use.
  • ​The entire combo is on our Pro-Comfort Molded Air Channel Back Support Belt. This belt is the most innovative belt on the market with memory foam backing, patented air channels to prevent overheating and all around comfort. 
  • ​The carrying handles are bar-tack sewn and riveted onto the belt. These make the product easy to move around for the times you are not wearing it.
  • Each pouch has a seamless rounded box design to maximize the space of the pouches. No more dealing with the bottom of your pouches ripping apart or losing tools in the "envelope style" pouches that taper off to a point. 
  • Inside of every pouch is a heavy duty plastic insert sewn in between the 1250 denier DuraTek nylon. The insert keeps the pouches from ever losing their shape and prevents tools from poking through. 
  • The metal suspender rings are triple stitched onto the belt (Top outside, top inside and bottom inside). This means the rings will never rip out. 
  • The belt itself is made with a double metal buckle and a leather tip that is stitched around the entire edge. The belt will never stretch and fasten securely.  



Small- 26"-30"
Medium- 31"-34"
Large- 35"-39"
XL- 40"-44"
2XL- 45"-49"
3XL- 50"-55"


Included on every Combo:

B201 - 18 Pocket Electricians Pouch
B202 - 9 Pocket Fastener Pouch
B400 - Pro-Comfort Back Support Belt
602 - Hammer Holster
604 - Tape Holder

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Customer Service

I ordered a few products from Tool Belt Depot and there was a conflict with my order but I experienced excellent customer service and got my order resolved promptly. I am very pleased with the products that I ordered from Tool Belt Depot. The Gatorback B240 Professional Electricians Combo is one of the best tool belts that I have. The tool pockets hold its form so it is very easy to remove and store tool. Thank you.

High Quality

I’m extremely pleased with my purchase. I’ve never owned left handed gear or tools and I’ll never turn back now! Great experience from top to bottom.

Aaron Noble
Great customer service

I accidentally entered the wrong address and the Gatorback team managed to redirect my order to the right address after the package had already been sent. Thank you guys!