Used Information

On some products there is an additional variation labeled as "Used". A used product will fall under one the following conditions:

- Never worn but used for display purposes at shows or store fronts. The original packaging will be missing due to display purposes. This means it may have been put on as a demo but never used or simply hung up as a visual display.

- Purchased and returned without use. The original packaging will be missing but everything about the product is in brand new condition. The item will be inspected prior to shipping. 

- Purchased and returned with minimal use. The item is cleaned and inspected by our staff to insure that there is no damage or noticeable wear to the product. Everything will be in a "Like New" condition. There may be some signs of use (for example; a belt was used for one day and got a small streak of drywall mud on it).


Used does not mean the product is in any way damaged, well worn, frayed, or altered.